Damp Proofing

We Treat Damp Proofing Walls in Johannesburg:

Water can cause damp in walls:

There are many ways water could saturate house walls mainly from ground water saturating the walls from the bottom up, damp proofing refers to ways of solving  wet walls when the source can not be stopped or is to expensive to stop.

This is the plinth area below floor level on the exterior house walls. In the old style of building there was face brick at the bottom of the wall ( below the internal floor level) and plaster above floor level. This is a solution to allow water under the floor of the house to escape through the exterior face brick as a means of evaporation. Now days the builders don’t use expensive face bricks, they plaster to the exterior ground level without taking the precautions! The result is blistering paint as the water tries to escape.

Damp Proofing Walls Johannesburg

Damp Proofing Walls Johannesburg

To repair damp proofing walls:

  •     Strip plaster from effected areas exposing the raw brick
  •     Block brush on a slurry mixture of sand and cement and waterproofing chemicals on to the raw bricks
  •     Re-plaster the wall using plaster key making the plaster extremely hard
  •     When dry soak wall with a water repellant technology

Peace of mind with 15 years experience in damp proofing:

10-year written guarantee on faulty workmanship
10-year written manufacturers guarantee on products used
My personal on site supervision and inspection


Damp Proofing Walls

Before and After Damp Proofing

Before and After Damp Proofing