House Painting

Choosing acrylic Paints to paint your house:

This can be tricky when you don’t know what to use when choosing paint for a house interior and exterior walls.

For painting ideas there are a few things to consider:

First, would you want a gloss (shiny) surface or pastel matt like “chalk on a classroom board”.
Second, the texture of the paint would you like a smooth glossy easy to clean surface or a rough textured feel that you could create patterns using different brush strokes?
Third, looking at price and comparing different paints keep in mind the spread rate on the label or better yet the “percentage solids” listed on the data sheet available on request. This would prevent you buying “watered down” paints. So a paint with more solid particles would be better value for money.
When painting paints the spread rate, (how far the paint spreads), is important to save money when you paint on house walls and can be between 8 to 10 square meters per liter for new technology gloss acrylic paint depending of the roughness of the wall surface.
The old generation PVA paints is lower at 7 to 8 square meters per liter.

Paint for a house, which is cheaper per 20 liter container, is usually not cheaper to paint the house. To paint a house Always compare the COST PER SQUARE METER. This is simple using your calculator on your cell phone, take the price and divide by the spread rate on the label.
In other words using a more expensive Glossy paint per 20L container would use less 20L containers to paint your house than a cheaper PVA paint 20L container and the more expensive product would be cheaper now and last longer.

Paint ideas:
On spreading paints depend on the roughness of which walls to paint and the technique of the roller. If you dip the roller and “skid” the over the surface of the wall it wont save you much and cause problems with many paints. How to paint the house is to spread the paint evenly. Roll until the roller changes sound like “tearing paper” then come back to where you started and “pick up” some of the thick paint from the skid area where you started and repeat.

How do you paint a house?:
Thicker paints is better as it will be thicker on the walls surface and wear better and keep cracks closed if a gloss type paint. How to paint exterior would be to use Gloss paint which is better, read next chapter. Rather use painting paints make three thin coats than two thick coats to paint a house. Thick wet paint can cause problems, as the paint can’t dry known as “solvent entrapment” where a skin forms on the surface before the paint can dry. Paints are designed with a flash point of 13 degrees centigrade, meaning the temperature must be above 13 degrees to dry with out “solvent entrapment”. Its like making custard on the stove and when cooling a skin forms on the surface thus preventing the rest to evaporating easily and trapping in the water – solvent. When designing a paint for the house solvents are used in the acrylic paints formulae so the skin wont form before all the water has evaporated.

Paint for exterior Gloss or matt?

Start by choosing the wall paints product not the color:
The best exterior paint for house is the gloss not the matt because of the stretch! When the matt paint cracks, then it lets the water in and game over. The Top lab paint technicians know that matt paint will not stretch as far as a gloss paint so how to paint the house?
Cheap is expensive in the long run and painting paints like acrylic gloss type paints is better as they are latex based and will stretch where matt paint will crack sooner and will age faster, thus exterior matt is not good paint for the house.

What is exterior paint?

A matt surface will absorb the harmful light and age quicker than the gloss surface that will reflect the ageing light and survive longer as exterior paint. Acrylic Gloss is NOT like solvent type gloss, like Enamel and Polyurethanes’ or your car! Don’t worry about gloss or matt as the walls will get dirty and dull as the dirt settles after a few weeks, like leaving your car outside for a few months and not washing it.
Paint a home with a Gloss acrylic paint; I have houses that are 12 years old! See my photos of 12 year old houses, I know it works and it is an excellent paint for home. It washes better, this you will see on the label under the SABS rating.
This is how SABS fits into the picture; they scrub the paint 30000 times and test the scrubbed surface. If it passes then it gets the rating as an “A” grade. Perfect as paint for exterior. For the 20000 scrubs category this would be a “B” rating and generally fits the “HDA” High density Acrylic’s. Not an exterior paint use rather as an interior paint in home. Stay away form this family of paints it will cost you money and leave a bitter taste in your mouth! This paint is better used inside not for bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere there is water. This Family of paints is porous! (can suck up water)
If used outside like the boundary / perimeter wall it will change color as the Dew / condensation water enters the paints in the early morning hours it dissolves the lime in the cement and this causes “alkaline attack” which changers the color of the paint because the ph is different between the paint and this water.
Eventually you get these “lighter stripes” all over the wall as water dribbles off the top of the wall and runs vertically down the surface. The HDA paints family is only for Paint in the house and not available in darker shades “Deep Base” only pastel colors and is tinted from a “white base”
On a lighter note, this HDA Paints it is a beautiful pastel textured paints like chalk on a drawing board. Best for walls which wont need cleaning.

Painting paints is easy to paint on the house with a little skill. When to paint house walls can be any time throughout the year, as long as its not raining or going to rain in the next three hours. Watch the RH relative humidity, this is the amount of water in the air and available on most weather reports, the new generation of paints need an hour of sunshine to cure before handling a full storm. If in doubt paint the walls in the sun now and leave the shady walls for the sunny days.

How to paint a home? and which color paint for the home?

Ideas on painting depends on how you are going to choose your color. For paint of home stay away from too many choices. Keep it fun and exciting! Start by standing on your neighbors lawn and look at your house from a distance. Ideas for paint come from all the items you can’t change like your paving, pot plants, light fittings, patio tiles, furniture, roof tiles, window frames but to mention a few. Paint exterior color comes from the natural process of elimination. Black and white are compatible with all colors. So choose colors based on what would match what you have. Put up as many samples which you may feel attracted to.
Start the samples with a small splash of paint and you will immediately know which you would like to see more of. Now take these and paint one meter square samples this would work nicely.

Paint exterior house walls:

exterior house wall paiting
Preparation Flawless repair

Flawless paint repair

Painting Paints? Which Paints? How to paint?

Painting house walls is the easy part. Making it last 10 years is where the experience comes in. The key to making the paint last is to keep the water out. This could be many areas as seen in the photos above like cracks; tops of wall; balustrades; baloneys; outlets form the baloneys; lights and many more. Repairing these weak areas to be watertight is easy, but making it invisible is years of experience and knowing your materials.
The cracks are treated with a red material, which allows the crack to move but not break through. The plaster patches are repaired with mixing plaster key in to the sand and cement mix to give strength and durability. Contact us for a free no obligation quote for your 7 year system


Q: When is the best time of the year to paint?
A: When it is sunny and warm
Q: I like both these paint samples and don’t know which to choose as they both so close
A: look at the walls around you, there are so many shades of the same color that it wont make much difference which one is chosen

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