Our Services

Damp proofing Interior and Exterior

  • By removing plaster 10 year system
  • Damp proof exterior walls below ground level
  • Chemical damp proof course injection

House painting Interior and Exterior (available in 3 year and 10 year systems)

  • Waterproofing of all aspects for example:

Window chills
Parapets house walls
Top of boundary walls
Between window frame and wall

Crack Repairs

  • Open cracks
  • Re-plaster with additives for strength
  • Water proof depending on the type of crack
  • Streak free solution to stop streak marks on vertical surfaces
  • Wash paving

Wood Varnish Rejuvenation

  • Stripping to raw wood
  • Light sand and re-varnish

Metal work

  • Strip, de-rust, Prime and paint
  • IBR Metal roof painting
  • Roof Tile invisible waterproofing for pigmented roof tiles. “like water off a ducks back” -10 year no silicone

Waterproofing Tile Roof

  • Ridge caps
  • Valleys
  • Under tile plastic replacement
  • Chimneys
  • Low pitch tile roofs
  • Between roof tiles and parapet wall
  • Rake verge tile (barge Tile)

Waterproofing Flat roofs 3, 5, 10 and 15 year systems

  • Torch-on Bitumen
  • Maintenance coats
  • Fiber Reinforced systems
  • Poly prop Systems
  • Modified Bitumen Hybrid systems from europe
  • Modified Acrylic Hybrid systems from europe

Tile Balcony waterproofing repair

  • Strip tiles
  • Re-screed to create fall
  • Water proof depending on type of slab
  • Re-tile to your requirements

Roof repair

  • Re-building of all types of roof structures
  • Skylight replacement industrial and domestic
  • Rotten wood repair
  • Aluminum windows and doors installed
  • Wood windows and doors installed
  • Fascia and Barge boards installed
  • Seamless guttering installed
  • Small Alterations
  • Rhino light ceilings
  • Exterior face brick house walls invisible waterproofing. “like water off a ducks back” -10 year no silicone

Waterproofing and Damp proofing Process:

  • Remove existing tiles and Water proof slab
  • Re- Screed to deliver water to the out lets
  • Re- Tile to suit your requirements using waterproof grout
  • 5 yr written guarantee on faulty workmanship & products used

Tile Roof Painting

  • High pressure wash– 160 bar pressure to mechanically strip dirt
  • Kill remaining algae, fungi, bacteria & yeast with Poison
  • Prime the tiles to bind the surface and paint 10 year guarantee

Waterproof Un-Painted Roof Tiles

As above clean and repair the unpainted roof tiles
Apply water repellant sealer (not silicone based) 10-year Uv guarantee
Totally invisible and “like water off a ducks back”
Excellent for face brick house walls

Waterproofing we offer:-

Flat roof water proofing

Replace plastic under roof tiles

Install: Aluminum Windows

Install: Wood Windows & Doors

My personal on site supervision
10 year written guarantee on faulty workmanship
10 year written manufacturing guarantee on product used


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